Where to learn more about OpenStack

OpenStack is a great open source software for creating public and private clouds. We use it extensively here at Atomia since our billing and cloud hosting software has OpenStack integration.

If you’re new to OpenStack and want to learn more about it, we hope this little blog post will provide a good starting point and save you some googling. We’ve kept it short and sweet.

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Atomia Products

Take off as a cloud provider with OpenStack-based virtual data centers

Cloud hosting is currently a $20 billion-a-year industry, and it just keeps growing. There is a lot of money to be made and the technology to sell cloud hosting services is already here, right at your fingertips, ready for launch.

This is why we here at Atomia have put so much weight behind our OpenStack integration. OpenStack has become the de-facto standard for cloud hosting software, and can act as the basis for many different kinds of cloud hosting services. It’s a true powerhouse. We love what OpenStack brings to the table.

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Atomia Products News

Atomia launches to showcase its popular cloud hosting software

Atomia is a complete, very flexible billing and hosting software platform. Atomia’s cloud hosting component is built on top of OpenStack, the world’s most powerful open source cloud software.

To highlight and showcase Atomia’s billing and cloud hosting features and strong OpenStack integration, the Swedish company has now launched, a site dedicated completely to the cloud side of Atomia.

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Atomia Products

A billing system for OpenStack

If you’ve looked at OpenStack, you’re probably in love with the power it gives you for creating both private and public clouds. However, if you want to run a business you also need an easy way to sell those cloud services to end users; OpenStack doesn’t include a billing system. This is where Atomia comes in.

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