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Do you have a control panel?

Yes. Atomia includes a unified control panel with everything you need to run a hosting business. You get the following:

  • For your end users: A hosting control panel for both shared hosting and cloud hosting and VPS.
  • For your end users: A self-service billing section inside the hosting control panel.
  • For your staff: An admin control panel with billing management, user management and system tools. It also allows you to define your products, set prices and much more.

All work with a single sign-on and are seamlessly integrated.

Do you have a billing system?

Yes. Our billing system offers a ton of automation and useful features that will make your life easy. It works wonderfully for selling hosting services, but is flexible and extensible enough to be a great match for almost any kind of business. It also has great OpenStack integration, which automates your billing if you are selling OpenStack-based cloud services.

Do I need a separate hosting control panel, like for example cPanel?

No. Atomia is a complete solution for hosting and comes with everything you need. This includes an excellent hosting control panel.

Do I need to install Atomia on every server?

No. Unlike the vast majority of hosting software platforms, Atomia is a centrally managed, clustered system. This is much easier to maintain and offers additional benefits like scalability and increased stability.

I only need a billing system. Is Atomia still right for me?

Absolutely, our software is modular. The Atomia billing system can stand on its own and offers a ton of automation, useful features and extensibility to fit into almost any type of business.

How will my customers sign up for my Atomia-powered hosting services?

Atomia comes with a customizable storefront, a sign-up page you can either use on its own, or integrate with your site. You can have multiple different storefronts for different brands and products.

How do I migrate my users from my legacy system to Atomia?

We have a service called Atomia Smart Migration which includes both software and a process for safely and smoothly migrating users from a legacy environment to your Atomia environment.

Do you offer Professional Services?

Yes. We have partners who are very familiar with the Atomia platform and the hosting industry who can help you with anything from migrations, customizations, custom integrations, etc. Atomia also offers managed installations as part of our higher support levels.

What kind of support services do you offer?

We offer 24/7/365 support with our knowledgeable and experienced support team. They know Atomia inside and out and will always do their utmost to help you. Learn more about the specifics here: Atomia pricing for license, support & setup (PDF).

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