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The Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform

The world’s most flexible hosting and billing software

You can think of Atomia as an all-in-one solution with multiple components. Use all of it or just some of it, depending on what hosting services you wish to sell.

Some of the things you can do with Atomia

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Sell shared hosting

Atomia makes it easy for you to sell modern shared hosting with all the bells and whistles that you need to offer a great user experience.

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Sell cloud services & VPS

Sell usage- or subscription-based virtual servers, cloud storage, IP addresses, SSL certificates and other related services.

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Sell domain names

Let customers easily buy and manage domain names. We support a multitude of TLDs already, and more are easy to add.

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Sell OpenStack private clouds

Expose the full OpenStack feature set to your users, giving them their own OpenStack tenant on your infrastructure.

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Sell DNS hosting

Atomia DNS gives your customers full control over their DNS settings and lets you centrally manage your DNS infrastructure.

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Sell value-add services

In addition to everything else you can sell email hosting, Microsoft Exchange, SSL certs, website builders, ecommerce solutions, and more.

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You will find that Atomia has a ton of automation and cost-saving features built in, helping you run a lean, efficient hosting business.

Magnus Hult

Magnus Hult, CEO

From start to finish, Atomia covers your users’ entire journey

New or happily returning customers with $$$ for you

One or more storefronts/shops for signing up & buying

You can easily run different branded storefronts and signup pages for multiple products all on the same Atomia installation.

Automated provisioning of ordered services

Atomia includes powerful service automation that can provision any services your customers buy, both to your infrastructure and third-party services.

Automated billing & invoices

Atomia's built-in billing system has tons of automation that will take care of invoicing and payments without you lifting a finger.

Unified end-user control panel for managing services

Even if you offer both cloud and shared hosting services, your users have a handy, unified control panel where it's all collected in one place with one login.

Admin panel for billing, system & user management

With our admin panel you have full control over customer accounts, invoicing, product configuration, resellers, and more.

A few highlights

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All the control panels you need

Empower both your admins and end users. Atomia’s control panels provide centralized management of your entire infrastructure.

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One backend, multiple storefronts

Run multiple storefronts and signup pages for different products all on the same Atomia installation.

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Your brand, not ours (white-label software)

You have full control over what to sell and styling and branding of control panels. This is a platform you can make make your own.

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Proven and already in use

The first Atomia installation went live in 2010. Today our software is used by some of the largest hosting companies and telcos in Europe.

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Easy to integrate and extend

Thanks to our set of APIs it’s easy to add custom integration with any services not already supported out of the box.

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Powerful billing system

We support many different payment options and currencies, brands and resellers, one-time fees, subscriptions and usage-based billing.

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Runs on your own servers

You are the hosting provider, not Atomia. Install Atomia’s software on your servers, and you’re ready to sell hosting services.

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Easy to add new products

You can easily add new things to sell by packaging multiple services into products and offering them to your end users.

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Supported technologies & services

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Start something new, or take your existing customers with you into a bright new future.

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