Domain name management

Atomia comes with flexible domain name management built in, and lets you integrate with any registry or registrar. We support a multitude of top-level domains already, and more are easy to add if needed.

Atomia supports a ton of top-level domains

With Atomia, you and your customers can easily register, renew and transfer domain names. All domain name-related actions expected of a modern hosting company are supported, including DNSSEC.

Combined with our excellent DNS management system, you can offer your end users a fantastic solution that gives them full control over their domain names, all available to them inside your hosting control panel.

An abundance of top-level domains

We have direct registry support for the following TLDs:

  • .com/net/org/biz/info
  • .uk
  • .nu
  • .eu
  • .de
  • .nl
  • .se
  • .no
  • .pt
  • .fr
  • .pl
  • .at
  • .be
  • .it
  • .es
  • .fi
  • .ie
  • .ch
  • .ca
  • And more…

Add to this any other TLD that has standard EPP support.

Other TLDs can be handled via any of these registrars:

The plugin-based Atomia domain registration software lets you to choose a registry or registrar for each TLD. Support for additional TLDs not listed here can easily be added by creating a plugin with the necessary registry- or registrar-specific logic.

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