Sell VPS hosting based on OpenStack, AWS or Azure

Atomia lets you provide modern cloud hosting and VPS hosting to your customers, with everything in the box. With our software you get billing, a hosting control panel, storefront, easy customer management, and much more.

  • Sell VPS based on OpenStack, running on your own infrastructure.
  • Sell VPS running on top of public clouds such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure.
  • Sell domain names and other related services.

You can combine VPS hosting on top of your own OpenStack cloud with for example VPS on Azure to offer your customers more options, so-called hybrid cloud hosting. Or just go with one or the other.

Atomia’s hosting control panel includes an excellent cloud service and VPS manager that makes life easy both for your customers and your support staff.

Thanks to the flexibility of Atomia’s software, you can offer cloud services together with shared hosting, all inside the same control panel. Atomia makes it easy and automates the billing for you.

Cloud hosting with OpenStack

We leverage OpenStack, an increasingly popular open source cloud hosting software with massive developer support, to let you offer public cloud services such as VPS hosting running on your infrastructure. You will find that combining Atomia with OpenStack is both easy and very powerful.

Global coverage with AWS and Azure

If you want instant access to global infrastructure, you can also offer customers the ability to provision virtual servers to Amazon Web Services and/or Microsoft Azure. Both offer a global network of data centers that span the world.

Azure and AWS data centers map

With Atomia you can set up your hosting environment so that customers can pick and choose from using your own cloud(s) or one of these public clouds (including picking locations). The possibilities are endless.

Offer cloud services the way you want them

There are two main approaches to selling cloud services, and the Atomia cloud hosting platform supports both.

1. Sell pre-configured packages

Package for example VPS servers and cloud storage into various tiers. This mirrors the way traditional web hosting works and is a popular option that is easy to market.

Pre-configured VPS packages

2. Sell utility-based services

Sell a service where users can easily provision any number of virtual servers, cloud storage (Cinder volumes) and get more resources as they need them, then pay based on usage.

Utility-based cloud services

You don’t have to go strictly with one or the other of these approaches since the line will often be blurred, but they are good to keep in mind when designing your product offerings.

In short, you have all the combined power of Atomia and OpenStack to create a cloud service that fits both you and your customers perfectly. You automatically get billing and customer management as a part of the package, so it really is a complete solution.

Atomia + OpenStack lets you sell cloud services and combine cloud hosting with traditional hosting.

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