Powerful billing system and customer management

Atomia includes a billing and customer management system you will love. Handle payments and invoices, manage products and customers, all via one simple control panel. Our billing system is extensible, so it can be integrated with any type of service or product you can think of.

A side note on service automation: Atomia’s billing system works hand in hand with our powerful service automation engine, and these two together make up the core of what makes an Atomia installation tick. If you want to run a truly scalable business, automation is your friend.

One special case worth mentioning, since we are such fans of OpenStack, is that our billing system is an excellent billing system for OpenStack. You gain the ability to automate your billing and customer management almost completely. Our OpenStack integration is second to none.

Capabilities include support for:

  • Multiple currencies
  • Multiple brands and resellers
  • Multiple markets (e.g. countries)
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple invoice delivery methods

End users can be charged for products in a number of different ways:

  • One-time fees
  • Recurring fees (subscriptions)
  • Usage-based fees (CPU, memory, storage, time)
  • Combinations of the above

Atomia Billing lets you set up any kind of billing workflow you like. The idea is to leave it up to you to structure your pricing and billing process in a way that suits your business (and business model).

Atomia's flexible billing system

The billing system is an important building block in the Atomia cloud hosting platform, but can also stand on its own. It is a great fit regardless if you are a telecom business, hosting company, IaaS or SaaS provider.

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