Flexible order pages for selling hosting services

For any hosting company, a smooth and friendly order process is vital when you want to sign up new users or sell services to existing customers. Atomia includes a customizable order and signup page out of the box that you can easily modify to fit your brand and products. We call it Atomia Store.

Atomia Store

Here below we will walk you through some of the Atomia Store features, show you some example screenshots, and give you an idea of what you can do with it.

Atomia Store features

Atomia Store has been designed from the ground up to be modular, flexible and easy to maintain over time. It’s an integral part of Atomia’s cloud hosting platform and is flexible enough to accommodate any kind of hosting service or product you can think of, including but not limited to: domain names, shared hosting, VPS hosting, SSL certs, cloud storage, hosted blogs, and much more.

  • Use it as a signup page and product order page.
  • Theme and brand your order pages easily.
  • Customize the HTML and CSS to fit your order process and website.
  • Supports multiple currencies and languages.
  • Support for adding upsell options in the order process.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Atomia’s billing system.
  • You can have multiple different order pages (and multiple brands) on the same Atomia installation.

From order page to billing to provisioned service

Atomia Store ties directly into our billing system, where you define your products. Our billing system also makes sure new orders are provisioned to your infrastructure via our powerful automation software.

From order page to billing to provisioned service

All this without you having to do any manual work whatsoever. Once an Atomia installation is in place and has been configured, it is a fully automated solution all the way from order to provisioning and billing (subscription or usage-based).

Example 1: A signup page for shared hosting

Shared hosting is still an important part of the web hosting industry, and Atomia lets you offer centrally managed, clustered shared hosting. Here is an example of how an order page for shared hosting, including a domain name, can be set up. There are even some feature upsell options at the end of the process in this example.

Shared hosting order page

  1. Pick a domain name
  2. Pick a hosting package
  3. Fill in billing information
  4. Confirmation + upsell options
  5. Thank you page

You could easily replace these shared hosting packages with something else, for example different types of VPS packages.

Example 2: A signup page for usage-based cloud services

VPS and cloud services are becoming increasingly popular, and Atomia supports cloud hosting based on the powerful, open source OpenStack cloud software. You can configure an Atomia environment to either use pure subscription-based billing (for example paying a set fee every month for a VPS server), or usage-based billing (where you pay only for what you use, like with Amazon Web Services).

The below is an example of a simple signup page for usage-based cloud hosting. Once signed up, the user can start adding virtual machines, cloud storage, and pay based on usage as they go.

Cloud hosting order page

  1. Enter email address (will act as the user’s login id)
  2. Fill in billing address
  3. Add a credit card for payments
  4. Thank you page

Learn more

What we showed you here was only a couple of examples of what is possible. We pride ourselves on having a highly customizable platform, so there is (almost) no limit to what you can do. You can mix shared hosting and VPS, domain names, DNS hosting, and more, sell using one or multiple brands, and have your customers manage everything in a single, unified control panel.

For your convenience if you want to look closer at the technical nitty-gritty, the Atomia Store code and setup instructions are available on GitHub.

If you would like to know more, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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