Administration interface for billing & customer management

The Atomia admin interface acts as a one-stop-shop for managing your Atomia platform. Here your support team and administrators can manage products, invoices, payments, customers and more.

Customer management

You get a complete overview of your customers and can manage them easily. Customer cards give you all relevant information in one place.

  • View and manage your customers.
  • Easy to search and find customer-specific information.
  • Neatly organized tabs with in-depth information about everything related to the customer such as paid/unpaid invoices, active subscriptions, customer-specific notes, and more.
  • Great for customer support.
  • You can log in to a users interface with one click for easy troubleshooting and assistance.

Order management

  • Manage all incoming purchase orders.
  • View successfully processed and any failed orders.
  • Possibility for manual review of orders.
  • Ability to place manual orders (although the Atomia philosophy is automation, automation, automation...).
  • Drill down to see detailed order information.

Invoice management

Atomia will automate billing for you, but you always have full control.

  • Manage all invoices.
  • View paid, unpaid, overpaid, and partly paid invoices.
  • Manual invoice creation.
  • Credit invoices.
  • View invoice details.

Payment management

  • Automatic payment processing from multiple sources: Credit cards, Paypal, bank transfer, IDEAL, direct debit.
  • Automatic payment matching (matches external payments to invoices, plus “management by exception”).
  • You also have the option to manually add payments.
  • Handle refunds.

Product management

This is where you set up and manage the products you will be selling with your Atomia-powered hosting platform, including their how they are priced and charged for.

  • Define and manage products (what you sell).
  • Define and manage packages for automated provisioning (service automation).
  • Detailed provisioning management.
  • Detailed payment and pricing setups: Recurring, one-time, usage-based, fixed, non-recurring, or combinations of these.
  • Manage renewal and trial options.
  • Custom fields for when you want to go off the tracks.
  • Easy import/export for bulk edit of products.

Shop management

Atomia comes with a built-in shop that works together with our customizable Atomia Store pages. They act as your storefront and/or signup page, and you can have as many as you wish on the same Atomia backend.

  • Manage an infinite number of storefronts.
  • Manage what products should be on them.
  • Shop-specific product information.

Campaign management

Campaigns are a great tool for selling more, so we have made it very easy for you to manage various combinations of campaign options no matter what your pricing model is.

  • Create and manage any number of campaigns.
  • Many different types of discounts on subscriptions, fixed, usage-based, etc.
  • Limit campaigns based on time, customer type, product type, etc.
  • Ability to limit campaigns to specific payment methods
  • Bundled products (“buy this, get that for free”).
  • Handle individual or general promo codes.

A few more things

  • The admin panel will help you get the most out of our powerful billing system.
  • There are search and filter options aplenty. You’ll always be able to find what you’re looking for.
  • You can add notes to anything in the admin panel, both internal notes and notes you can share with the customer.
  • There are plenty of reporting options to help you get an overview of your hosting business.
  • For the technically inclined, there is also a system tab with plenty of handy information and tools for the Atomia software you’re running, scripting, log files, and more.

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