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Atomia in 2014 — The Way Forward

We launched the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform in 2009 with the goal to provide a complete, flexible solution for powering a wide range of cloud and web hosting services. Coming from the hosting industry ourselves, we wanted to create our own dream platform.

Since then, a number of cool, interesting companies have embraced Atomia. Our software now powers a significant portion of the Scandinavian web hosting market, and we’re gaining popularity in the rest of Europe as well.

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Development Video

Installing Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform using Sky Manager

In this video we demonstrate how Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform can be installed on a server using Atomia Sky Manager. After the installation the complete platform will be set up with all the resources needed to start hosting both Linux and Windows websites.

The installation is performed on a single host with moderate specifications:

  • 1 x Root Server EX 8
  • Intel® Xeon® E3-1275 Quad-Core incl. Hyper-Threading-Technology
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM ECC
  • 1 x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s Hard Drive
  • 2 x 120 GB SSD Hard DriveControl Panel

The full installation guide is available at:

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Development DNS

A simple way to consume the Atomia DNS web service using .Net

Last Friday, we opened the doors to, a playground for those who want to test Atomia DNS without installing it. It is a free, fully functional DNS service without any guarantees in terms of up-time or availability.

Atomia DNS is written in Perl and the control panel (Atomia DNS Web App) is written in Node.js, you can, however, use the programming language of your choice to talk to Atomia DNS.

In this blog post I will share a few tips on how to get started in C# and .Net.

Code examples can be found after the break.

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How to process the PreShutdown event in a managed Windows service

If you liked the post about Hyper-V guests in different time zones, here is one more article that comes from our development work on the new OpenStack and Hyper-v based setup of Atomia Hosting Platform.

Several of our products ship some windows services which we use to do periodic background tasks. For example, Automation Server uses a service to perform long-running automation tasks. During a system shutdown, it is important that the service has enough time to cleanly exit and not be terminated in the middle of some complex operation.

Whereas Windows will not shutdown until all applications in the user’s session are properly closed, this does not hold true for services, which only have 12 seconds to process a Shutdown notification, which might be too short for your service. The good news is that Microsoft introduced the PreShutdown event for services in Vista, which you can use in your service’s code to get 3 extra minutes (or even more) to shutdown your service.

Read more on how to develop your service’s shutdown behavior after the break.

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