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Atomia in 2014 — The Way Forward

We launched the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform in 2009 with the goal to provide a complete, flexible solution for powering a wide range of cloud and web hosting services. Coming from the hosting industry ourselves, we wanted to create our own dream platform.

Since then, a number of cool, interesting companies have embraced Atomia. Our software now powers a significant portion of the Scandinavian web hosting market, and we’re gaining popularity in the rest of Europe as well.

As you can imagine, it’s very important to us that both existing and new customers have a great experience working with us, and that their end users feel that their web hosting company is awesome.

Having grown our platform so quickly, we do recognize that there have been some growing pains. At times, the scope of what we have been trying to achieve with the platform has been a bit too ambitious, too quickly. And as our customers know, the Atomia platform is very ambitious. Software tends to benefit from careful, determined development, something we must not forget.

Keywords for 2014: Performance and Stability

With long-time quality preacher Jimmy Bergman as CTO and firmly at the helm of our development team since last October, we have taken a step back to focus on boosting the performance and stability of the existing (already very powerful) Atomia platform. All Atomia customers will benefit from this work, and of course their end users will as well.

We will still be advancing the platform and add new, useful features, but the main focus for 2014 will be to squash bugs, increase performance, and improve stability. There is no such thing as 100% bug-free software, but we aim to get damned close.

In other words, there are several releases of the Atomia platform coming up this year that we think will make you all very, very happy. We are laying the foundation to take Atomia to the next level.

Over the coming year we will be sharing additional insights into how we are working to achieve all this, and also tell you a bit about some great, upcoming features.


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