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Atomia DNS now supports Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Today, we updated the Atomia DNS packages to support the latest LTS release of Ubuntu. We also made some minor adjustment to the documentation (and the get started section on to make it easier to install the software.

UPDATE 31 MAY, 2012
You will now find an installation guide for FreeBSD in the official documentation:

Atomia DNS is the free to use and open source DNS management system from Atomia, built for mass DNS hosting. Visit the project website at and try it out using our free DNS service

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Top 4 reasons to cluster your shared hosting

A possible setup with Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform

Atomia strives to provide the best and most profitable hosting experience on the market today. Fully automated processes (no more error prone manual handling!) and easy-to-use control panels is what we are known for, and yet we cannot stress enough the importance of a good IT infrastructure setup.

Read the top 4 reasons to cluster our shared hosting after the break!

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New features in the July release

Summer is coming, and so is the next stable release of Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform. We have a lot of goodies in this release and would like to promote a few of them in this blog post.

The July release will include a simple, yet powerful GUI to manage campaigns.

New features:

  • Campaign Manager
    The July release will include a powerful GUI for creating and managing campaigns.
  • Reseller Functionality
    Now, you can allow your customers to resell your products. They will also be able to customize the look and feel of their customers’ control panel.
  • PayPal Integration
    In this release you will be able to charge for your hosting services using PayPal.
  • Cron Jobs
    Let your customers run scheduled tasks using cron jobs.
  • Dynamic DNS Support
    Let your customers update their DNS setting dynamically via a DynDNS client.
  • New File System Agent
    We’ve added a more powerful and scalable File System Agent written in Node.js to Atomia Automation Server.

Want to know more? Contact our sales team at [email protected] or call us: +46 21 490 26 20.

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Events Staff

We missed you in Miami!

Last week, we traveled to Florida to meet a few interesting hosting companies in the area.
During our visit, we also had time to enjoy the weather and local cuisines. Our geek hearts
skipped a beat or two when we got to see the office were the first IBM PC (model 5150) was
built back in 1981 under the direction of the now legendary Don Estridge (1937-1985).

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