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Atomia DNS helps to sign a significant number of zones

Growth of signed .SE domains (

Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform has support for DNSSEC out-of-the-box. Atomia DNS software can also be installed separately.

Our Swedish clients have now started to sign zones using the Atomia DNS software and as shown in the graph above it has had quite some impact on the DNSSEC statistics for the Swedish ccTLD.

As stated in our blog post ‘DNSSEC is coming – Are you ready?‘, .SE is one of the leading ccTLDs rolling out DNSSEC. A result of this is that the ISPs in Sweden have DNSSEC capable resolvers and that the signed zoned will be secured for real and not just in theory.

Read the full blog post after the break.

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Atomia Products DNS

DNSSEC is coming – Are you ready?

The demand for DNSSEC is growing and by 2015 .SE Registry is planning to have the entire zone signed. Is your platform ready to embrace DNSSEC? Atomia is.

In this blog post we will give you a short introduction to DNSSEC, explaing why it is important and how it works in Atomia.

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