The Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform 17.3

A new release of the world’s most flexible hosting & billing software

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A powerful new reporting engine

A brand new reporting engine and admin panel interface for creating reports for usage, billing, and more.

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Support for tiered pricing

Tiered pricing is the more flexible and profitable cousin to volume pricing, and now you can use it in Atomia.

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More upsell options for premium SSL certificates

More control over how you can sell premium SSL certificates gives you a lot of new upsell options.

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More power to resellers

Resellers are a great way to extend your reach. Now they have more control over their settings than ever before.

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A powerful new reporting engine

Being able to review and analyze your billing and usage information is vital to a hosting business. We’ve always had reports in place, but have taken a step back and reinvented our reporting system completely to create a powerful new solution that can be used for more types of reports.

These reports are accessible in the admin panel where your staff can easily filter and segment data. Reports show both summaries and details as needed, and are very flexible. For example, show only invoices for a specific country and a specific product. Reports can also be exported to tools like Excel and Google Sheets.

We ship with presets like invoices, credit invoices, VAT, refunds, account age, payments, and more. It’s also possible to extend the reports with custom segments.

Support for tiered pricing

Tiered pricing is essentially a more profitable option to volume pricing, organizing the pricing in intervals. It scales better as volumes get higher.

The tiered pricing model is now the new default for usage-based VPS and cloud services in Atomia, and is ideal for pricing metered options such as bandwidth.

It also give you a lot of flexibility that you don’t get with volume pricing. For example, maybe you want the first 50 GB of traffic to be free, and that customers only pay for anything exceeding that. Or maybe offer the first 100 hours of a VPS for free. Or maybe any traffic above a certain threshold should be slightly cheaper.

In short, tiered pricing gives you a ton of flexibility in how you organize and scale your pricing.

More upsell options for premium SSL certificates

Encryption matters and customers are more aware of the need for it than ever before. This latest version of Atomia adds more fine-grained control over how premium SSL certificates can be sold and presented to hosting customers.

For example, premium SSL certificates can be limited to specific types of hosting packages, which in turn enables effective upsell options when selling your hosting services.

Customers also have more choices inside the web hosting control panel (the Atomia user panel) of which type of premium SSL certificates to get.

In addition to a range of premium SSL certificates, we also support free SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt.

More power to resellers

Having resellers is a great way to amplify the reach of a hosting business. Some of the most successful hosting companies around are reseller friendly. It therefore makes perfect sense to make the lives of resellers as easy as possible and provide them with the tools they need to shine.

Resellers now have more control over pricing their products than ever before, being able to inherit or override prices any way they like, making it very easy for them to set things up.

We’ve also given resellers more control over VPS and cloud hosting options, providing them with additional control over what kind of products and settings they prefer to offer.

Atomia has had reseller support for many years, and now we’ve made it even better.

What else does the 17.3 release include?

New registrar service integration: HEXONET

Our domain registration module now has integration with HEXONET, a registrar service that manages millions of domain names today. They are a great complement to the registrar services we already support. Atomia customers now have more options than ever before.

A more powerful platform installer

This is the default way to install the Atomia platform. The installer was introduced last year but has evolved greatly since then. It now has an updated web interface, additional error checking, validates your infrastructure, and can provision directly to AWS for rapid deployment.

New goodies for developers

The APIs of Atomia Billing and Atomia Automation Server can now be accessed via gRPC, a high performance, open-source universal RPC framework. Also, a renewed focus on backend scripts that can be accessed via the Atomia admin panel, a handy feature for time-saving tasks. For example, we just added a product cloning script, automatically available to everyone.

Support for delayed termination of users

Provide a grace period for when a hosting customer cancels their account or it expires due to a lack of payment. This is a useful tool for hosting providers to combat customer churn, and makes it possible to easily revive recently terminated accounts if the customer can be gained back or changes their mind.

Simplified tax configuration

It should be easy. We’ve made it easy. Just do it straight in the Atomia admin panel (which is your main interface to our built-in billing system). No fiddling around.

Direct registry support for .ch, the Swiss ccTLD

Atomia already has built-in registry support for a large number of TLDs, everything from .com and .net to a swarm of ccTLDs, especially in Europe where our main customer base resides. Now we’ve added direct integration with SWITCH, the registry for .ch.

Also in 17.3… A large number of improvements, fixes and additional features. For the nitty-gritty details, check out the technical release notes and the launch post.

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