Web hosting manager

Atomia includes web hosting management with responsive design that works on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Offer your customers everything they expect from modern web hosting.

A unified customer experience

Our web hosting management is seamlessly integrated with our cloud hosting control panel and self-service billing portal. You select which features should be enabled or disabled for your customers.

Your customers can easily access all important features and settings from from the start page.

Create and manage websites

Atomia supports both Windows- and Linux-based web hosting. Your users can easily switch their websites between Linux and Windows, or use a mix.

If you also offer VPS hosting with Atomia, users can one-click upgrade a website to be hosted on its own VPS, giving you a nice upsell path.

One-click application installer

Your customers can easily install popular web applications with a single click. It’s easy for them to add WordPress blogs, use website builders, and more via our built-in support for Installatron.

Create and manage databases

Your customers can manage databases in single or bulk operations. Atomia has built-in support for the three most popular databases:

Buy and manage domain names

Your users can easily buy and manage hundreds of domain names. They can use tags to organize their domain names, change owner data, renewal options and more with single or bulk operations.

Atomia has direct registry support for a large number of TLDs, plus integrations with great registrar services for pretty much universal TLD support. Full list here.

DNS management

Users have full control over their DNS records. A simplified DNS editor is the default view, but users can switch to an advanced mode where they have even more options.

Atomia DNS, our DNS management system behind the scenes, comes with full support for the robust PowerDNS name server and DNSSEC.

Email management

Email still matters, and Atomia has support for web-based email, IMAP, as well as Microsoft Exchange. We also have integrations with services such as Halon that you can use for more secure email.

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