Self-service billing portal

Atomia includes a self-service billing portal that works on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops. Your customers can easily handle their own payments and subscriptions, and it all works hand in hand with our billing system.

A unified customer experience

The self-service billing portal is seamlessly integrated with Atomia’s web hosting and cloud hosting control panels, but can also stand on its own if necessary. You select which features should be enabled or disabled for your customers.

Your customers can easily access all important features and settings from from the start page. Atomia’s built-in billing system automates everything on the backend.

View and pay invoices

Your customers can easily view all their invoices, including payment status, and print them if they so wish. Any outstanding invoices can be paid by the customer here. Payment options include:

  • Credit card
  • Paypal
  • Bank transfers (automatically matched)
  • Direct debit

View and manage existing subscriptions

This is where your customers can view and manage their subscriptions for your hosting products and extra services.

Manage account and payment options

It’s easy for your customers to manage their contact information, billing address, and payment options. They can also get prepaid credits and select how renewals should be handled.

Add and manage users

With Atomia, more than one user can have access to a hosting account (i.e. we have multi-user support). Your customers can add and manage users and their access levels, a very convenient feature for example for businesses.

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