Cloud hosting control panel

In addition to shared web hosting, Atomia lets you offer VPS hosting and cloud hosting based on OpenStack. Our cloud hosting control panel works on mobiles, tablets, laptops and desktops and has all the features you expect from modern VPS hosting.

A unified customer experience

The cloud hosting control panel is seamlessly integrated with Atomia’s web hosting control panel and self-service billing portal. You select which features should be enabled or disabled for your customers.

Your customers can easily access all important features and settings from from the start page.

Create and manage virtual machines

Your customers can easily create and manage virtual machines (VPS) and storage volumes. You can organize them with tags, view live statistics, and more. Edit, start, reboot, firewall settings, access with SSH; all your customers’ VPS hosting needs are covered.

Create and manage cloud storage volumes

Customers can easily create and manage storage volumes for your virtual servers. Attach them to VPSs, take snapshots, use different types of storage, different capacities, and more.

Virtual data centers / private cloud

Your customers can create and manage OpenStack tenants with a feature we call Virtual Data Centers, and then access the OpenStack management console (Horizon) directly. This way users get full access to all of OpenStack’s advanced features.

In other words, you can sell private clouds to your customers, perfect for enterprise customers or more advanced users.

DNS, Firewall settings, and more

Built-in DNS and firewall management gives your users full control. We have sensible defaults, but the possibilities are all in there.

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