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New release: Atomia version 15.9

We’re proud to announce Atomia 15.9, the latest major release of our cloud hosting software platform. We have added several powerful new features and made a huge number of improvements that we think both new and existing Atomia customers are going to love.

Here are a few of the highlights.

Virtual Data Centers: Turn OpenStack cloud hosting into a business

You can now easily become a cloud service provider by combining Atomia’s powerful billing automation with the full power of OpenStack’s open source cloud hosting software. This is a complete solution all on your own infrastructure.

Atomia’s new Virtual Data Centers feature lets your customers use all OpenStack features by giving them their own tenant in OpenStack. They manage their services within their own isolated “data centers” with the OpenStack Horizon dashboard, which you can customize to fit your brand. Your customers either pay for exactly what they use (usage-based mode) or for a fixed quota that you define (subscription-based mode).

OpenStack and Atomia

Since we use OpenStack’s standard APIs, Atomia works with basically any OpenStack distribution.

Upsell option: One-click upgrade of shared hosting websites to VPS

Now you can easily bring your customers over from shared hosting to VPS hosting if they want more capacity for their website. A simple one-click upgrade in our hosting control panel will automatically move a customer’s shared hosting website to a dedicated VPS. More capacity for them, and an upsell opportunity for you.

Other new features

As with any major new version of Atomia, the new features are too many to list in one single blog post, but here are a few more you might find interesting:

  • Direct login after signup. Log in new customers right away at signup for a more streamlined user experience.
  • VPS website management. Now your customers can easily manage websites hosted on a VPS.
  • Upsell option: Domain Protection. Ensures that business-critical domain names can’t be lost because of renewal problems and similar issues.
  • Upsell option: WHOIS protection. Protect the privacy of your customers when they register domain names.
  • Various new billing system features. Automatically turn overpayments into prepayments, better customer payment profiles, and more.

We have also continued to focus a large share of our resources on fixing bugs and other general quality and performance improvements.

New integrations

As with almost every new version of Atomia, there are new integrations included. We often add these based on customer feedback, which was the case this time as well:

And there’s much more

For the curious, check out the full Atomia 15.9 release notes for more comprehensive information about the new release and links to related documentation.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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