Fully managed OpenStack

Want to provide cloud services but don’t want the hassle of managing and operating OpenStack yourself on your own servers? We have partnered with Canonical, who can provide setup, installation, management, and even hosting of your public cloud.

The beauty of Atomia’s cloud service support is that since we use the standard OpenStack APIs you can use any type of OpenStack installation as the base for your cloud platform. Canonical has an excellent service called BootStack, where they provide you with a custom, fully managed OpenStack cloud installation running on Ubuntu Linux. It works perfectly with Atomia.

Atomia + Canonical-managed OpenStack cloud

Note that this is all optional. You can of course run and manage your own OpenStack cloud instead. BootStack is just a convenience if you wish to outsource that part of your operation. In fact, even if you do decide to use BootStack (perhaps to get started quickly), the good people of Canonical will educate and help you if you later wish to take matters into your own hands. There is no lock-in.

More information:

And of course — as we keep reminding you 😉 — we are a friendly bunch so don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions whatsoever.

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