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What’s coming from Atomia in 2016

The hosting business is a moving target. To stay on the cutting edge and push forward, hosting companies need to keep evolving and adapting to what customers really want, offering products that appeal to a large number of people and businesses.

Atomia was created with this in mind, an adaptable hosting software platform that companies could truly benefit from in the long run. Every year we equip our customers with more ammunition for running successful hosting businesses.

Now, in 2016, we are coming to an inflection point in Atomia’s development. Not only are we putting more effort than ever before into our own development of the platform, with two major releases we are sure you are going to love, but we are also going to make it incredibly easy to add third-party services and software to the platform. It’s going to be a year to remember.

So what are we talking about? In short: Atomia Atoms.

Atomia 2016 timeline

Atomia Atoms third-party integration bliss is coming

Atoms are going to be a great, new way for third-party software and services to integrate with Atomia, and will go live later this year at It will basically become an app store for extending Atomia.

We’ve already started talking with third-party services about this, and if you’re interested, you can learn more by contacting [email protected], and read our previous blog post with the initial announcement.

Now on to our two big Atomia releases for this year.

Atomia 16.3, arriving March 14

There’s a lot going on here that we will talk more about soon, but to give you a small taste:

  • A completely responsive new control panel GUI for your customers that is incredibly flexible and modular. It works great on both desktops and mobiles. Yes, you read that right, a hosting control panel that is usable on a smartphone.
  • A brand new installation wizard for Atomia. It will guide you through a complete install, and perform tests as you go along to make sure that everything is set up correctly.
  • A bunch of new campaign features — in addition to the ones we already had — to help you with your marketing efforts. Discounts and free products are great sales and marketing tools, and the hosting industry is no exception.

There’s much more, but we hope that this whetted your appetite a bit!

The next major version after this one, Atomia 16.9, will arrive in September. What will be in it? That’s still top secret. 😉


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