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Atomia Atoms: A new way to integrate with Atomia

We get approached all the time by interesting third-party services that would like to integrate with the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform. While we have a good number of integrations developed internally, we now have something new on the way: Atomia Atoms.

With Atomia Atoms we will let any third party develop and maintain integrations themselves, thus opening up the ecosystem around Atomia’s hosting and billing software even more. All the Atoms will be available at, which will act almost like an app store for Atomia’s customers.

To clarify: What is an Atomia Atom?

An Atom is a third-party integration with the Atomia hosting and/or billing software. It can for example be support for a specific payment gateway, SSL provider, domain registrar service, e-commerce platform, or website builder.

Just like atoms are the building blocks of the physical world, Atomia Atoms can be considered the building blocks for extending and adding services to Atomia.

Integrating services with Atomia

When is this coming?

The Atoms project has been brewing for a while, and we’re happy to finally announce it publicly and continue the process with our launch partners. While no exact launch date has been set, we are aiming to go live before this summer.

I want to be a launch partner

We already have several launch partners that will have integrations available in time for the official launch of Atomia Atoms, but additional partners are more than welcome.

To get in touch and learn more, please email [email protected].


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