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New release: Atomia version 15.3

We are proud to announce Atomia 15.3, the latest major release of our cloud hosting platform. This version of Atomia will take your ability to provide cutting-edge cloud hosting services to a new high.

Here are the highlights.

Even stronger OpenStack support & cloud billing features

As you may know, Atomia uses OpenStack to let you provide cutting-edge cloud hosting services. In this release we improved both the package-based billing and usage-based billing scenarios for our Openstack integration. The usage-based invoice handler is now integrated with the generic workflow making it easier to configure. We now support charging for volumes, bandwidth and snapshots in addition to instance hours. The VPS manager has received a large number of new features and improvements.

Beta version of a brand new, highly customizable order page

We have created a completely new order page with a new default theme. It is much easier to customize, extend, and maintain than our previous order page and is something we are going to build upon going forward. It is available for testing right away, but we will keep supporting the current order page for a number of releases.

New order page

New System tab in the Admin Panel

There is a new, helpful tab in the Admin Panel called “System” that contains functionality for making the life of an administrator easier. The System tab lets you see what is currently running, what has run recently, and gives easy access to run logs for scheduled tasks. It also contains performance trends and other statistics plus a scripting facility.

System help

And much more…

  • New integration: Secure email with Halon
  • Easy-to-use GUI for configuring and managing resellers
  • User experience tweaks for the Hosting Control Panel
  • PostgreSQL support (in addition to MySQL and MS SQL Server)

That’s just a taste. We have continued to work on boosting performance, increasing stability and squashing any nagging bugs. Read the full release notes for more information.

As always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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