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Atomia Partners with Canonical for Fully Managed OpenStack Clouds

Starting today, Atomia customers can choose to have their OpenStack clouds fully built and managed by Canonical (via their BootStack service).

The Atomia cloud hosting platform has embraced OpenStack to enable our customers, usually hosting companies and telcos, to provide state-of-the-art cloud services. The OpenStack project is open source at its best; a well-supported, powerful, modular software platform for creating both private and public clouds. It has become a de facto industry standard.

Atomia customers normally manage their own OpenStack environment and servers. However, not everyone will have in-house OpenStack expertise, or wish to allocate the staff needed for ongoing maintenance. That is why we are very pleased to announce this partnership with Canonical. It significantly lowers the barrier of entry.

BootStack is a managed cloud offer from Canonical and includes the design, implementation, and ongoing management of an OpenStack cloud on Ubuntu, followed by an optional transfer of the management function to the customer if desired.

“With their in-depth OpenStack expertise, Canonical is a fantastic partner for us,” says Magnus Hult, CEO of Atomia. “We leverage OpenStack to give our customers the ability to create both private and public clouds. Now that they can elect to have Canonical set up and manage their entire OpenStack cloud, it will be even easier for them to get started. This partnership with Canonical is obviously a great match, and makes our software platform even more turnkey and easy to use.”

“Canonical has traditionally had a strong presence in the hosting industry, where Atomia has proven to be a consolidated player,” comments Arturo Suarez, Product Manager at Canonical. “The combination of Canonical BootStack and the Atomia cloud hosting platform results in a complete, easy-to-use solution to manage a hosting business in the most efficient way, helping them deliver added value services to their end customers without the pain of cloud management.”

The Canonical-managed cloud will be built on Ubuntu OpenStack, the world’s most popular OpenStack distribution, along with the KVM hypervisor, and the full set of industry-leading tools from Canonical: MAAS, Juju, and Landscape, which allow quick and easy provisioning, orchestration, and management of cloud resources.

The partnership is in effect starting immediately, and is available to both new and existing Atomia customers who wish to use Canonical’s BootStack service.

See also Canonical’s announcement:

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