Atomia 17.10

More flexible and comprehensive than ever before

We are proud to present 17.10, the latest version of the Atomia Platform. It is the most powerful and high performance release we have ever shipped. With this version we firmly cement our position as the most comprehensive and flexible platform for service providers available on the market.

Elevated security and control

When our customers grow, so do their demands on access and permission control. With Atomia 17.10 you have more control over your users and access levels than in any previous version. We have taken important steps towards compliance with even the strictest requirements and we intend to improve beyond this.

Future proofing with speed boost

At the core of our mission is a promise to future proof our customers platform, an ambition to make sure that they never lack support from us as they move their business forward. In 17.10 we have reignited our journey towards always ensuring we stay on the cutting edge. We will scrutinize every part of our platform and deliver new technologies that empower our customers to do even more. Performance is a key part in this and with 17.10 you will feel the difference.

More language support for borderless growth

At Atomia we pride ourselves with market leading support for multiple currencies, languages and brands. We want to make sure our customers expand without limitation. With 17.10 we engrave this borderless strategy even deeper in our software. Support for multiple markets and languages has been expanded to more parts of our platform such as custom customer messages.

Moving self-service forward and expanding its reach

Our customer control panels allows you to offer unmatched self-service capabilities to your users. We work tirelessly to improve and expand this experience to make sure you stay ahead. With 17.10 we have added support for new databases, improved SSL management and over-hauled the one-click installer experience. More service for your customers with less work for you.

Hundreds of improvements and fixes

With every week all the parts of Atomia improve and develop. Throughout the period as part of our evolved release management we have shipped hundreds of fixes and improvements. We encourage all our customers to update as soon as possible, reach out to our support or your account manager for assistance at your convenience.

If you are not yet an Atomia customer reach out to us at [email protected] and we will help you future proof your business.

For the nitty-gritty details, check out the technical release notes

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