The Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform 16.9

A new release of the world’s most flexible hosting & billing software

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Hybrid cloud hosting with AWS and Azure

You can now resell virtual machines from public cloud providers in addition to your own OpenStack cloud. Instant global infrastructure!

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Support for CloudLinux OS

You can now use CloudLinux as the server operating system for your Atomia web servers and MySQL database servers.

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Hosting control panel GUI improvements

The new theme in the Atomia Hosting Control Panel has continued to receive a lot of attention and is now better than ever.

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Support for Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is out of beta. By default, you now get automatic free SSL certificates for all websites through Let’s Encrypt. No hassle!

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These are just the highlights. Scroll down to learn more!

Get instant global infrastructure with hybrid cloud hosting

VPS hosting on top of AWS and Azure

By using these public clouds, you can give your VPS customers instant access to global infrastructure to create virtual machines on.

Mix VPS offers any way you like

Use AWS and/or Azure as a complement to your own OpenStack cloud(s), or use just one or the other. You have a lot of flexibility.

Same simple Atomia VPS management

Your customers will be able to manage their virtual machines entirely via the easy-to-use Atomia hosting control panel.

Provision to 30+ data centers

With these public clouds, you can give your customers access to more than 30 global locations for their virtual machines.

Give your VPS customers more choices with Atomia

Support for CloudLinux, a multi-tenant OS ideal for shared hosting companies

More secure web servers

CloudLinux OS improves server stability and security by isolating each tenant and limiting their use of server resources.

More performant web servers

Lightweight Virtualized Environments (LVE) controls resource allocation and throttles resource spikes, so you get more reliable, consistent performance.

More profitable web servers

With better use of resources, you can have more customers per server, which in the end lowers server costs and increases your profit per server.

There is more to it, so if you’re interested, check out the CloudLinux website.

An all-in-one hosting control panel that just keeps getting better

The Atomia Hosting Control Panel is designed to be a single, unified interface where your customers can access all the hosting features you offer them. It is easy to customize the theme to fit your brand. Our control panel includes everything you need for shared hosting, VPS hosting, and even has self-service billing built right in. Six months ago we released a massive update to the GUI, and have continued to improve it since then. We think you will love the result.

Full support for Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificates

Since Let’s Encrypt went out of beta last spring, it has been used for millions of certificates. It is, in short, a raging success. When using our default Haproxy load balancer setup you now get automatic free SSL certificates for all websites through Let’s Encrypt right out of the box.

What else does the 16.9 release include?

  • The admin panel customer cards now include system-sent emails.
  • A new audit log.
  • Simpler export and import of email templates.
  • Backup/restore and cloning of virtual machines.
  • The Atomia applications now use .NET 4.6.1.
  • Improvements to the Atomia installer (our installation wizard).

Like the nitty-gritty stuff? Check out the release notes.

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