The Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform 16.3

A new release of the world’s most flexible hosting & billing software

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A mobile control panel? Yes!

Our new control panel theme works beautifully on mobile, desktop and tablets. Reach your users anywhere.

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Even more campaign options

Discounts and special offers are great tools for selling your product. More options = more possibilities.

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Brand new installation wizard GUI

We have added a handy GUI that walks you through the Atomia installation process step by step, verifying success along the way.

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Run Atomia on PostgreSQL

Now you can use the fantastic open source database server PostgreSQL for your Atomia installation. You’re welcome.

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These are just some highlights. Scroll down to learn more!

A new, responsive, super-customizable hosting control panel

Rebuilt from the ground up

We have engineered our control panel GUI to be faster, more modular, and take full advantage of modern browser features.

Super easy to brand and customize

Customizing the look and feel of this theme will be easier than ever before. We may call it a “theme” but it’s an entire framework.

Works on all kinds of devices

Our new control panel theme works beautifully on your customers' smartphones, desktops and tablets.

An exciting road ahead

This is just the beginning. The new GUI framework we built for this will let us do fantastic things over time.

To our existing customers, don't worry. We will continue to support our “old” control panel for the foreseeable future.

Even advanced hosting software should be easy to install

Meet our new installation wizard

A lot of hosting software, especially when it is enterprise level, comes with a hefty price tag for installation and setup. It can often cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in consultancy fees to just get up and running. The process can be slow, painful and expensive.

Here at Atomia we prefer to make our hosting platform easier to install than that, and now we have added a brand new installation wizard. You’ll have a handy GUI that walks you through the installation step by step. It even verifies that each part has been successfully installed. Our goal is to make it easy enough to install Atomia that even our not-super-technical CEO can do a full install himself.

While this installation wizard is already super helpful, this is just a first version. We have a long list of cool and useful features we want to add, so it will improve rapidly. It will be worked on outside of our regular, twice-yearly release cycle.

Sell more with better campaigns

More options than ever before

We have always included a wide variety of campaign options, but now we have added even more. More options = more possibilities and more flexibility.

Easily set up campaigns in our admin panel

It’s easy to modify and create new campaigns inside Atomia’s admin panel. “Just do it!” to quote a certain sneaker brand. ;)

Your marketing team's best friend

Discounts and special offers are powerful incentives for getting users to sign up and try your service. Now your marketing team has even more tools to play with.

More options for what to run Atomia on

Now you can use PostgreSQL as your Atomia database

Atomia has traditionally used Microsoft SQL Server as its system database. Now that is no longer necessary, although we will continue to support it.

From now on, our default option when you install Atomia is the highly regarded, free, and open source database server PostgreSQL. It runs great on Linux, to name just one operating system.

What else does the 16.3 release include?

  • New admin panel GUI for showing messages to end users.
  • New plugin support for sending unpaid invoices to debt collection.
  • New admin panel product management features.
  • Easy export and import of products for bulk editing product setups.
  • List and filter reseller commissions in the admin panel.
  • Several new domain name-related features.

Like the nitty-gritty stuff? Check out the release notes.

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