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Atomia’s ABC of Hosting: A-D

Welcome to Atomia’s ABC of Hosting! A series of seven blog posts in which we give you some of the essentials and favourites of our industry. First out are the letters A to D.

Atomia hosting alphabet A

A is for Atomia

We might be stating the obvious, but just in case you didn’t know it already Atomia is a pretty smart software that offers automated billing and simplified service delivery in one seamless and user-friendly experience. The Atomia HQ is based in Västerås, Sweden, but our clients include hosting providers and telcos from all over the world.

We are also the guys behind this hosting ABC, which we believe grants us the right to claim the top spot of the alphabet.

Atomia hosting alphabet B

B is for Backup

Essential, yet easily overlooked. Many hosting providers offer backup as a service, and for a good reason! The team at phrases it nicely: “It might seem like a hassle, but the first time you use a backup, you’re going to pat yourself on the back for having so much foresight.”

Atomia hosting alphabet C

C is for CloudLinux

Designed for shared hosting providers, Cloud Linux OS is known as the #1 platform for multitenancy. At Atomia we like CloudLinux because just like us they strive to create an environment for the efficient, successful hosting business.

How does it work? We suggest you visit to get the full story, but in short, CloudLinux isolates the customers into Lightweight Virtualized Environments (LVE), helping both with stability and resource usage. It also provides CageFS file system that encapsulates customers keeping them separate and improving security.

With CloudLinux as the server OS for Atomia web servers and MySQL database servers, shared hosting providers will get more efficient use of their server resources.

Atomia hosting alphabet D

D is for DNS

Domain Name Servers (DNS) are sometimes referred to as the Internet’s equivalent of a phone book, maintaining a directory of domain names and translating them to Internet Protocol (IP) addresses. Pretty handy since fancy domain names like is much easier to remember than IP addresses.

PS. Atomia offers a free and open source DNS management system. If you are on the hunt for something easy to use, production ready, and scalable it might be a good idea to explore it further.


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