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Say hi to our new, unified documentation site

We are happy to announce the launch of our new documentation site, Here we have collected all of our documentation in one neat package, and in the process made some significant changes to how it’s presented and organized. Read on to learn what’s new, and what’s coming!

One source for all documentation

We have simplified the process of getting to know our platform by merging our two documentation sites into one: Even though we are not shutting down the old sites (yet), is the one that will get updated most frequently and get the most love. So, how will this new documentation site be different?

Search functionality to find information fast

Our new documentation site provides search functionality. As more documentation will be added to our new site continually, we believe this is a highly needed feature. Search as an interface makes finding the right information both easier and faster. We hope you like this addition!

Search field

An introduction section for brand new customers

We have added a getting-started section, in which we have collected all the information needed if you are new to Atomia. This section describes how to install the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform, how to configure it, how to make the final design changes and how to perform the live test of the platform before its launch. More material for our new customers is in the making, so this introduction page will get some additions further on. We want to make sure you enjoy getting on board with our software!

Getting started

A glossary of our components

We have started to establish a glossary of the Atomia Cloud Hosting Platform’s components. As our software has grown, so has our terminology (We’ve been around since 2009.) This glossary is a first step towards simplifying our terminology. The goal is to get you started quickly and to avoid confusion. It’s a work in progress, so there is more to come!

What else does the new documentation site contain?

On our new documentation site you can also find the following:

And yet there is more in the making!

Upcoming content

  • A manual for the Atomia Admin panel.
  • More getting-started material, to make it easier to get up and running with our software.
  • More developer guides, to help you utilize all the possibilities of our platform.
  • We are also refining our terminology, to make it easier for new customers to get to know our platform and get onboard. The glossary will be updated accordingly.

So, stay tuned!

Any comments or questions?

Our goal is to have this documentation site be a truly useful resource for Atomia customers and partners. However, it is a work in progress and has some rough edges. If you have any thoughts regarding the new site and its content, please contact our Documentation Specialist: [email protected]


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