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Continued Open Source Love for Atomia DNS

As you may remember, a while ago we made Atomia DNS free and open source. It’s our battle-tested DNS management software, in use at several large web hosting companies and telecoms.

We love Atomia DNS, so releasing it to the public was a way for us to give back to the web hosting community. It’s technically part of our modular cloud hosting platform, but stands fine on its own and is a great tool for centralized management of DNS servers.

We’ve received some great feedback from both new and old users, and would be happy to see even more people and companies start using Atomia DNS. Why make DNS management any harder than it has to be?

Here are a few bullet points to give you an idea of what’s included in the project:

  • DNSSEC support
  • Great PowerDNS support
  • Programmatic interface
  • Command-line client
  • Web-based control panel
  • Synchronization agents that make sure all data hits your nameservers
  • And more…

If you haven’t already checked it out, head on over to the Atomia DNS website. There’s even a playground so you can test it without having to install anything. Off you go!


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