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Atomia Platform 14.1

Today we are proud to announce the availability of a new supported release of our platform on our stable branch.

The release is named 14.1, and represent a large number of changes since the last stable release in April 2013.

The largest changes and focus areas was:

  • Stability The major parts of Atomia Billing where updated to handle more edge cases and failure scenarios in a predictable and consistent way. We identified the least performant sections of the Admin Panel and improved the speed of these greatly. We also invested much time in improving our quality assurance test suites to be able to provide an even better experience in this and future releases.
  • Generic Workflow With this release we strongly recommend all customers currently running custom workflows to consider switching to the Generic Workflow. To help towards making this goal a reality the Generic Workflow was extended to cover a few more scenarios that previously required custom plugins.
  • Pro forma invoices This is the first release containing support for pro forma invoices, simplifying the process of doing business in countries where this is customary or required.
  • Reseller configurability We added features for using multiple domains and associating them with separate resellers, e.g. for whitelabel scenarios and multiple brands.

Besides this the release includes numerous fixes, enhancements and additions. Complete release notes, including a full change log and a list of API changes is available at


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