New staff in the temple of Automation

Oscar, Jonathan and Daniel

As we closed the most successful year in our companies history, we also welcomed some new additions to the Atomia team. They all started at the same time so we thought it appropriate to put them all in the same post. Now to the introductions, beginning from the left.

Oscar Linderholm

Oscar has spent the better of his life coding in every programming language known to mankind (and potential a few more). During recent years he also spends his time lifting some serious weights in the gym. Before joining Atomia Oscar has mostly worked with inventory management systems. He resides on the west coast of Sweden and will bring great innovation to our company.

Jonathan Maclennan

Born on the windy, north shores of Scotland Jonathans resilient spirit is well suited for role of project manager. Shouldering what could be the toughest job in the company, he will make sure that we deliver what we promise, on time and with excellence. With many years at one of Swedens largest corporation behind him, Jonathan is sure to bring structure and commitment to the top of our Agenda. On his spare time Jonathan both plays and follows football with interest. He also runs a kennel, deliver very cute king charles spaniels to worthy recipients.

Daniel Persson

Silent, smart and hard working is a fitting description for this 30 year old son of Västerås. Before joining Atomia Daniel maneuvered  his bicycle to a company that made CMS and E-commerce solutions. Although being a Python/Linux guy he already seems to have mastered the world of Microsoft with ease. Enjoying the occasional beer and burger, Daniel is sure to bring awesome code and insights that will help create an even better future for Atomia.


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