HostingCon recap

So the pink dudes have completed yet another journey to the USA and one more HostingCon. This year we had a smaller booth, new pink shirts and a robot in the backdrop. But some things remained unchanged, we met some awesome people and our product made a great impression. In this modest post we would like to share some things that happened, some people we met and some lessons learned.

Pink is the new black
We have been trying to launch this statement for years and now it has finally caught on. Initially we were a little bit worried that we would not get as much attention with a smaller booth, we were wrong. Mix a awesome product, great people and pink shirts and the end result will be a crowded booth. *note to self: bring more candy and more demo screens.

Partner opportunities were abundant
We met so many interesting companies its hard to know were to start. Take the friendly people of @cakemail, they offer a great service that is used by people all over the world, and they had some really nice hats. @ryankiskis from basekit had some coffee with us and I think our cooperation is off to a flying start.

The people we know and love
@openSRS showed up with great booth, we had some really great discussions about improving the offer to our customers even more. We also met up with Igor from @cloudLinux and Arturo from @stackOps. Both of these companies can contribute greatly to the services we offer to our customers. We hope to explore more ways of working together in the future.

Have some fun
And the hosting people know how to do it. @cloudflare brought some awesome toy guns and @betterlinux(I think) brought a pingpong table. We also had a chance to party with some great dudes from @dreamhost. @bencherian from Midokura was a new acquaintance that brought us some great insights on Openstack and the challenges faced by hosting companies today. The list can be made long of all the great people we enjoyed meeting.

Boston rocks!
Finally we would like to extend a special thanks to the organizers of HostingCon and the friendly people of Boston. A beautiful city with a sprawling nightlife that we would all love to visit again.


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