Press Release: Atomia and StackOps Partner to offer an end-to-end solution for hosters


Atomia and StackOps today announced a partnership agreement to integrate Atomia’s Platform and StackOps Distro, enabling hosters and ISVs to directly provide shared hosting and VPS over an OpenStack managed Infrastructure as a Service.

Atomia Platform utilizes OpenStack to create and manage shared hosting environment and to provision virtual server instances. The on-demand nature of the cloud is utilized by Atomia to enable web hosting clusters to scale-out and to be highly-available.

StackOps is one of the most recognized brand within the OpenStack ecosystem, providing an easy to deploy OpenStack distribution that bundles the best of breed components and has already been downloaded over 22.000 times, with more tan 15.000 deployments worldwide.

The size of the hosting market (according to the IDC in 2011) is estimated to $32 billion globally with the forecasted growth of 20% over the next 3 years. The estimate is that StackOps-Atomia solution will be operating in the market worth $1.5 billion.

Under the terms of the agreement, StackOps will be a key underlying technology to provide Atomia’s potential customers with the OpenStack deployment. The ease of use of StackOps will make Atomia an easier choice for hosting companies. StackOps will also distribute Atomia’s platform embedded in its successful distro, providing this specific segment of the market, hosters and ISVs with a fully operational end-to-end solution.


Atomia is a Sweden-based software company providing an automation platform for hosting companies. The products line of Atomia, including Billing, Control Panel and Automation Server, gives service providers a turn-key solution for managing shared hosting, domain names, DNS and VPS/IaaS. Atomia’s engineering is driven by three major forces – great user experience, perfect hosting architecture and product extensibility.

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StackOps is a global company operating since 2011 providing commodity IaaS solutions, fully based on OpenStack, to service providers and IT departments. StackOps has wrapped OpenStack in its Distro to make it easy to deploy, following a flexible reference architecture, in a Datacenter and has recently released its Enterprise version, where added value components are provided to operate those deployments following the same easiness approach.

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