Release notes: Nov. 2011

Automation Server:

New Features:

  • Predefine resource in provisioning description
  • Added indexes on ord_number and date_time in provisioniong_request table
  • Support for property types
    • Property value can be a service that can be used as a resource

Bug fixes:

  • Restored deleted Native API methods
  • CreateService
  • AddService
  • AddServiceAsync
  • DeleteService
  • ModifyService
  • MoveService


  • Performance improvement

Customer Panel:

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with payment options when upgrading a package.


  • Made Personal number non-required field in the Edit customer section (configurable)

Hosting Control Panel

New features:

  • Usage statistics for bandwidth and storage.
  • SSL certificate text box now allows pasting certificate into it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed problem with uploading the SSL certificate as regular user.
  • Fixed problem with retry transfer in the domain manager with authcode containing sign ‘<‘.
  • Fixed problem with editing aliases (the alias list is not filled correctly on edit website page).
  • Fixed problem with domain mail forwarding for Windows/Linux aliases.
  • Fixed problem  Service search criteria cannot be null or empty collection. Parameter name: searchCriteriaList.

Billing API

New features

  • Added method GetAccountForUser to Atomia Billing API.
  • Added method GetCustomerInfo to Public Order Service. Added CustomerInfo class.
  • Added new campaign condition handler PropertyValueConditionHandler.
  • Added support for new method in Account API – ListAccounts.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed searching of IDN domains in Global search (Jira issue: ATKB-1).
  • Fixed triggers. Added AssignInvoiceReferenceNumber trigger.
  • Fixed CreateOrder workflow.
  • Fixed upgrade/downgrade part in ProcessOrder method.
  • Fixed UnpaidInvoices report.


  • Improved logging categories and logging for exceptions to use ActionTrailLoggingExceptionHandler.
  • Added creation/disposal of ExecutionContext where didn’t exist.
  • Added domainNameRegex to OriginalFilesweb.config, used for IDN domains global search.

Billing Public Order API


  • Added method CanCreateAccount which checks if customer identified with company/personal number can create new account.


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