Release notes: Sep. 2011

Atomia Public Order Page

New features

  • Order Page has the new feature that existing users can order new item from the Order page (forwards them to Customer Panel)
  • Order Page has the new feature that existing users can transfer external domain using the Order page (forwards them to Customer Panel)

Bug fixes

  • Shifted fields in Domain name table

Atomia Hosting Control Panel

New features

  • Removed the possibility to add DNS records of type DNAME.
  • Subdomains are not deleted without warning anymore.
  • If the Domain transfer status is empty, user can now retry transfer.
  • Domain Manager shows confirmation if saving any property has been successfull.
  • Page title, keywords and description are required fields from now on (Frame forward website type).
  • Added Account loading screen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with incorrect Swedish labels in the Domain Contact manager
  • The database hostnames within One-click installer are now saved correctly (not IP addresses instead of hostnames any more)
  • Domain manager now syncs Nameservers prior to display when Nameservers property is null or empty.
  • Domain Manager shows IDN domains properly now.
  • Fixed MX DNS record validation.
  • Fixed javascript problem which disabled editing MySQL user in Chrome

Atomia Billing Customer Panel

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with domain name not being visible in the order
  • Fixed problem with cart caluclation breaking if picked at list two domains with same TLD

Atomia Admin Panel

New features

  • Added support for usage-based products


  • Item Category property is mandatory from now on (Add/Edit product)
  • Added bulk reset subscription provisioning status action

Bug fixes

  • Fixed problem with drop down list deleting one user not working
  • Fixed problem with Suspend subscription not working
  • Fixed css with left-side filter width
  • Fixed text in info box when terminating customer
  • Status icon is now updated when changing status of subscription

Atomia Billing APIs

New features

  • Added GetItemDetails method to API
  • Added CheckDomainsForTransfer method to Public Order API
  • Added support for usage based billing


  • Added Id to PublicOrder class of Public Order Service
  • Changed PluginFactory. More plugins with the same code base are allowed.
  • Added date formatting to reports
  • Added tax rates to order
  • Moved logic for assigning document numbers to the database to prevent duplicate numbers of orders, subscriptions, invoices and credit invoices
  • Added UpdateSubscriptionRenewalData operation for allowing updates of renewal data by non-admin users
  • Created API event UpgradeOrderCreated which is raised when new upgrade order is created in order to check created lines

Bug fixes

  • Fixed GetInstances method of PluginFactory to return list of tax plugin names instead of assembly names
  • Fixed usage of templates by setting proper language id
  • Fixed currency data for order confirmation e-mail
  • Fixed usages of ItemFilter when getting subscriptions and items to use proper language id

Atomia Automation Server


  • Possibility to continue interrupted request.
  • Possibility to group more actions in single request
  • Provisioning description upgrade
    Options for writing conditions.
    Ability to define existence of some services depending of property value of some other services
    Ability to enable or disable adding of some services depending of some condition
  • Provisioning Client update
    List request for account
    Continue request
    Async provisioning
    Automation server delete services in opposite order of adding
  • Security improvement: Authorization of MSMQ messages
  • Conditions and transformations can affect services from different complex service owners
  • Updating complex service properties with values
  • Automation Server Engine now fully supports multithreading
  • Delete order of child services can now be prioritized through provisioning description.
  • Delete priority should be define for complex service parts
  • Transformation exception should include transformation string

Bug fixes

  • Fix round robin scheduling issues with resource assignment agents

Atomia Identity




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