Happy holidays from Atomia!

The holiday season is upon us once more and 2018 has just flown past. It has been a great year for us at Atomia and we certainly look forward to 2019. We have some really great things in our pipeline and can not wait to share them with all of you. 2019 will be the best year ever!

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Atomia Products News Releases

Another spring, another release

The sun has returned and we thought we should celebrated by wrapping our latest features in the nicest gift paper we can find and sending to you all. We are excited to announce Atomia 18.4. Since we last released we have of course continued our work under our new release strategy. This means that you have already received hundreds of fixes, bug corrections and improvements.

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Atomia Products News

Atomia GDPR features

If you work in IT it is all but impossible that you have missed the fact that GDPR will be enforced starting on May 25th this year. Every company that processes and controls personal data is affected, and service providers in particular due to the sheer volume of data they collect in order to sell and delivery their services. At Atomia we provide a software platform that allows service providers to do just that, sell and deliver their data, in a highly automated and user friendly way.

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What does the cloud cost?

At Atomia, we provide software for service providers that enables them to deliver state of the art cloud services in a automated and attractive package to their customers. We pride ourselves in delivering what we think is the best designed and most flexible sales experience to our customers.

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Atomia Products Releases

Evolving our releases

The Atomia team is back from Swedish summer and vacation. It has been great but now August is here and it is time for the first update of the second half of 2017.

Before summer we made some changes to our release management that we would like to share.

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